Meet the Team

  • José Javier Iadicicco  

    Specialist in IT, Telecommunications, Hardware, Software, Technical support, Security.

  • Ke Hua Yang  

    Master in Education, Online Marketing, Development, Communication, Chinese and Spanish language support.

  • Memo  

    Software Engineer, Web Design, Technical support, English language support.

Why Choose Us?

ONE1 is a responsible Stake Pool that aims to support Cardano to achieve decentralization by installing our own physical servers and nodes in order to avoid recentralization in few cloud service providers. By staking your ADA in ONE1 you are helping to support the real physical decentralization of the network contributing to a new, more equitable world. We will also donate part of the reward to support different charities mainly in Argentina, Taiwan and Australia.

Our Donations

ONE1 Pool is committed to supporting different charities mainly in Argentina, Taiwan and Australia with part of the staking rewards.

Our Features


Enjoy the Top Quality of our ONE Pool with:
24/7/365 Uptime
Internet connection with LSA (ISP Grade)
Low latency
Low fee of ONE 1%
Lowest Operating Cost.


We host our own Servers to be independent from centralized cloud providers. We are truly decentralized Cardano Staking Pools. We host our own servers and nodes and seek for the real decentralization and handcrafted servers to meet the real concept of decentralization, that is why we make a lot of effort to stick to it.


Cardano addresses have separate keys for spending and staking. This means that if you decide to stake your ADA, they will never leave your wallet or be locked in for a term, you can un-stake at any time.


The annual rewards of staking is on average between 5% and 6% in ADA, as we hope that “The world will be as ONE”, we will donate part of our rewards to support different charities mainly in Argentina, Taiwan and Australia.

Start Staking

Dear delegates,
Please join us and “The World will be as ONE”!
Staking does not mean handing over your ADA, but being a part of the transaction processing that allows you to earn your rewards.