The Procedure to Delegate by Using Daedalus

Download Daedalus wallet

Create a Wallet with a name and enter the password

There is a list of 24 words that you should write down on paper and keep in a safe place. This list of words is the wallet recovery phrase and it is the only way to recovery your wallet if your computer is lost, broken, stolen or stops working.

Then confirm it

If you have your ADAs in Binance, then you will need to withdraw your ADAs from Binance, copy the receiving address and send it to the Daedalus wallet.

After receiving the ADAs in the Deadalus, you can start to delegate

Go to delegation Center and start to delegate, clicking on “DELEGATE”

Choose the wallet you want to delegate

After that choose the stake pool ONE1

Ticker: ONE1
Pool name: ONE Pool
Pool ID:

Then you will need to confirm your delegation entering the password.

Finally, you will see the confirmation that you have successfully delegated your ADA coins to ONE1 pool.