The Procedure to Delegate by Using Yoroi

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Forum Post: Cardano Shelley: How to delegate from the YOROI wallet

You can use YOROI wallet for the delegation of ADA coins to a pool. It is only possible from the Shelley wallet. If you have coins in the old Byron wallet, then you will have to transfer ADA coins from the Byron wallet to the Shelley wallet. then you can delegate ADA coins to a pool. Once you create a Shelley wallet , you can start to delegate coins to our pool.

First go to the Delegation and insert a stake pool ID

Pool name: ONE Pool [ONE1]
Pool ID:

When you have inserted the stake pool ID click to the Next button. You will see a confirmation dialog. The wallet will show pool details to you. You need to provide a spending password to pay the fee and after that click to the Delegate button.

Then you will see the confirmation that you have successfully delegated your ADA coins to ONE pool.

And you can check dashboard to see details related to the delegation.